We Are

An online animation studio specializing on character animation.

We believe distance and timezone are not an obstacle to collaborate and bring personality into 3D puppet to life. 

Our animation team are seasoned 

animators from all over the world with dedication to assist building your imaginary vision into reality.

Nico Agatha


   Nico is an animator that had been working with various projects throughout his career, ranging  from short film to feature film, with some of the notable projects that is renowned internationally. Starting out since 2009, he had been in various studios in multiple countries to hone his skills and experiences. 

Team Up

Helmy Medriansyah

Production Manager/Co-Founder

   Started his career as Graphic Designer, Helmy jumped into animation industry after he graduated from AnimationMentor.

With over 12 years of experience as animator and supervisor he had managed to work on "Transformers: Robots in Disguise", "Knights of Shidonia" and "Ajin: Demi-Human" to name a few.



   Created animation for feature film, TV series, games, and commercials since 2008. Works include Daytime Emmy Awards “Transformers Prime”, animated film “Seefood”,  “Knights of Sidonia” and  more. 

We Serve

Our clients with our ability to adapt to any animation style. Whether it's cartoony, realistic, anime or even experimental.

We are capable to handle projects from

TV series, Feature Film to Games with utmost quality.

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